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D ring belt

Belts Therefore the  Gucci Blue and White Web  Signature is a popular Gucci brand. However it features blue/white/blue stripes with a gold brass brush that makes the Gucci card design. Authentication cards and the first dust cover are includ. So this is made in Italy Dimensions: 36 inches and 38 inches. Bandwidth: 3 “W. The Gucci Designer Black Leather with a G-shape clay the silver slide lower is unique. It features a catchy eye a large first “G” in front of the buckle. Authentication cards and the first dust cover are includ. This belt is made in Italy. Size: 38 inches


Leather Belt





Metallic Belt




The Skinny Belt




Wide Belt


The word out belts is the hottest item of spring fashion the perfect complement to the beautiful dresses set for spring and summer. The be look gorgeous with many different styles of clothing hitting the shops from free sundresses to shirt dresses to tunics. Really wide belts (3 inches or wide) are a hot item for tickets. Such as leather or fabric yarns and stretchable cinch belts. Find one in gray black brown red white metallic and it’s a beautiful color. Add a perfect feminine touch to a shirt with a more tailored. Modern change of look and underwear a girl in flirt-next-door wearing full-length skirts in the evening. The key to wearing wide is to put them on top as under the chest bone. These are design to tighten the upper body and tighten the waist unlike. The “old” type that went through your movements to – a) lift your pants and/or b) accentuate your fanny. When cool a wide is extra flattering when worn properly. A  worn over the top can melt out pounds — no trip to the gym is requir.


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